Beyond Beauty Sleep: The Science of Sleep Deprivation and Skin Health

Beyond Beauty Sleep: The Science of Sleep Deprivation and Skin Health

Have you noticed the dull and tired appearance of your skin after a sleepless night? The fatigue and tiredness resulting from sleep deprivation don’t restrict themselves to energy levels; they also affect your overall skin health!

Insufficient sleep affects skin health in ways that go beyond vanity - it can significantly deteriorate skin quality and lead to premature ageing.

About 61% of India’s urban population sleeps less than 7 hours each night. A study conducted in 2019 revealed that India is now the second most sleep-deprived country in the world. Medical professionals liken it to an epidemic influenced by modern life's fast-paced and stressful nature and our society’s increasing dependence on technology. Being glued to a screen for most of the day disrupts the circadian rhythm (your natural body clock,) and keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is an essential human function. During deep sleep, the body performs several tasks - replacing damaged skin cells and reducing cortisol levels. Sleep deprivation disrupts the process of repairing skin cells and spikes cortisol levels - making you more stressed and leaving your skin looking and feeling worse. 

Prolonged sleep problems manifest physically in the form of several skin issues, mainly due to the disruption in skin restoration processes and chronically high cortisol levels. This cycle of sleep problems affecting symptoms of stress and vice versa is detrimental to skin health and overall well-being. Sleep deprivation manifests on the skin in several ways:

1. Dark circles and puffiness

The under-eyes are a particularly delicate area of skin and often the first to be affected by insufficient sleep. Sleep deprivation causes blood to pool around the eyes, making them appear darker - often accompanied by eye bags.

2. Dullness

Disturbances in sleep deprive the skin of the renewing and rejuvenating benefits it goes through during sleep, leading to dullness and irregular skin texture. Being deprived of skin cell rejuvenation proves to be quite troublesome for overall skin health.

3. Acne Breakouts

Sleep deprivation increases your chances of breaking out by impacting factors that cause acne. The spike in cortisol from sleep deprivation can accelerate sebum production and inflammation, causing clogged pores that lead to breakouts and worsen existing acne.

4. Increased sensitivity

Inadequate sleep and perpetually high cortisol levels trigger inflammation and compromise the body’s immune response to impurities and allergens. Inflammation makes the skin more prone to breakouts and other skin problems and also makes the skin more sensitive and reactive.

5. Flare-ups in skin conditions

About 10% of Indians suffer from chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Chronically high cortisol levels due to lack of sleep are the leading causes of flare-ups in these skin conditions. These flare-ups due to mental distress form a vicious cycle wherein one aspect affects the other, worsening its effects in the process.

6. Collagen breakdown

High cortisol levels contribute to the depletion of the skin’s collagen reserves - collagen is the protein responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. Sleep deprivation halts collagen synthesis, disturbing the skin’s repair and regeneration process - making fine lines and wrinkles appear prematurely.

7. Dryness

Prolonged sleep deprivation disrupts skin barrier function and depletes moisture levels in the skin. It also reduces the skin’s pH, making it dryer. The skin is left more vulnerable to trans-epidermal water loss, making it look dehydrated and sallow.


Calming Candy Tabs: A Sweet Solution

Our Calming Candy Tabs target all three issues discussed- stress, sleep and skin problems. At SEREKO, we firmly believe in Holistic Wellness, an approach grounded in the idea that health is multi-dimensional and comprises all aspects of well-being - mind, body and spirit. Your skin, mind, and bodily health are intricately linked and symbiotic. If one aspect of your well-being is in crisis, it will inevitably disrupt the functioning of the others.

3-in-1 Action

Our Calming Candy Tabs perform the 3-in-1 action of reducing stress levels, enhancing skin health, and improving overall sleep quality.

- Sleep Support

These delicious chocolate-flavoured tablets enhance sleep quality without causing drowsiness upon consumption. These candy tabs naturally improve the quality of your sleep. They are non-sedative and non-addictive since they are not melatonin supplements. Infused with neuro-soothing ingredients like Hydrolysed Milk Protein, these little tablets naturally support healthy, more restful sleep. They are clinically proven to impact your sleep in several ways - decreasing sleep latency so you fall asleep faster, limiting daytime dysfunction, enhancing subjective sleep quality and increasing sleep duration. Studies show that Hydrolysed milk protein reduces anxiety and balances sleep efficiency by 73%.

- Stress Reduction

Our little candy tabs contain ingredients like Bacopa (also known as Bhrami) and saffron extract that are well known to work as adaptogens - natural substances that help the body build resistance towards stress and anxiety and boost happy hormones. They naturally enhance mood by increasing serotonin levels and reducing cortisol levels, regulating and stabilising mood hormones.

- Skin Repair and Rejuvenation

In addition to aiding healthy sleep, our Calming Candy Tabs offer immense benefits for the skin, preventing acne, renewing the cellular processes of the skin, and giving you a healthy glow. They contain Magnesium Lactate that protects the skin against external damage and accelerates the process of skin repair. Faster renewal of skin cells and repairing damaged skin cells improves the appearance of your skin, making it look healthier, younger and smoother.


Getting enough sleep is the cornerstone of good health. Sleep problems can trigger a plethora of skin and health problems, but with the right supplements and multi-tasking products, you can restore the radiance of your skin and get a good night’s sleep!

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