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Psychodermatological skincare
that tackles mind first

Psychodermatological skincare that tackles mind first
- First Time In India - First Time In India

It's been proven. In today's fast-paced world, it's not uncommon to find someone with a health problem brought on by stress, worry, or sleep problems. The pandemic made everything even worse. Not just genetic predisposition and food choices, but stress has also been linked to the development of common lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart problems.

35% of people globally suffer from stress.*

*The Stress in America™ survey by the American Psychological Association measures attitudes and perceptions of stress among the general public across 143 countries. world-map
Our Mind First Approach

It has become increasingly clear that the state of our skin is a reliable indicator of these underlying health problems. It's one of the body's largest organs, and its condition provides one of the clearest glimpses into our overall well-being. Although it's common knowledge that proper nutrition, hydration, and exercise all lead to better skin, few people consider the benefits of taking care of one’s mental health. We intend to change that.

This led us to Psychodermatology - a science that proves the impact of stress, and anxiety on skin health. This is where Sereko comes in.

A calm mind for a healthy glow

Based on the science of psychodermatology, our proprietary formulas are designed to destress your mind, leaving you with a radiant, healthy glow.

NeuroCalm™ Blend-infused products are made from all-natural ingredients backed by psychodermatology for lasting results. img
sereko’s promises
  • Backed by Psychodermatology

    Discover the power of a calm mind and clear skin with our scientifically formulated products.

  • clinically proven results

    Dermatologist Formulated.
    Proven Scientific Research.
    Lasting Results

  • patent pending blends

    Revolutionary, proprietary blends made with innovative science for the first time in India.

  • globally acclaimed ingredients

    Globally recognised and
    sourced natural ingredients. Premium Quality.

beauty without compromises.

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    clean beauty

    Mindful ingredients.
    Free from harsh chemicals.

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    non-habit forming

    No dependency. Only reliability.

  • plant based
    plant based

    All natural ingredients. Good for
    the planet and good for you too.

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    cruelty free

    Empower your beauty regime with products that are kind to animals
    and your conscience.

Power of nature + Proven scientific research
holistic care

Feel nourished - skin, mind & body.


This expression encapsulates the three interdependent parts of our wellness - the mind, body and skin. These three aspects work together, in a fine balance, which represents our unique approach.

Discover our science

Our Science

Understanding the connection between our mental health and skin health is the first step in taking back control and finding ways to alleviate the symptoms. This is where psychodermatology comes in, the science that explores the impact of mental health on our skin