Luxury Vegan Leather Pouch

A compact and chic travel companion
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• It works as the perfect travel bag to take all your essentials on-the-go
• Compact, yet spacious, it can go into your luggage or your work bag
• Has a smooth and chic metallic finish, making it the perfect home for your everyday products

Sleek high quality vegan leather

• An easy travel essential that is compact and spacious enough to carry all your necessities.
• Can be used as a makeup pouch, a skincare pouch or anything else you need to take on the go.
• Our Luxury Vegan Leather Pouch has a premium metallic finish and has been carefully crafted to carry all your essential products for you to take on the go in the chicest way. • It has been designed carefully to be compact yet spacious and slip right into your luggage, making it the perfect travel companion. • We were careful to ensure that we use vegan leather, as we do not wish to cause harm to animals to deliver excellent products for you.
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