Summer Citrus Scented Soy Candle

Unwind with the sweet fragrance
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• Infused with refreshing notes that’ll ease and tranquil the state of mind
• 100% pure soy candle with an organic wick
• The candle is completely sustainable and burns for 55-60 hours straight
• The fragrance is comforting, relaxing and refreshing

Top Note: Summer Citrus (Majorly Orange)
Heart Note: Cherry & Honey
Base Note: Champagne and Flower Bouquet (Gardenia, Peony, Rose Ivy)

• Light up during your skincare routine to elevate the experience and promote relaxation through aromatherapy.
• Use it to elevate your bath or shower routine.
• Enhance your relaxing “me time” be it reading or jamming out to music at 2 am.
• Light it up to enhance your dinner parties or game sessions.
• Our Summer Citrus Scented Soy Candle has an energising top note of Citrus, heart notes of cherry and honey, base notes of champagne and a sweet flower bouquet of gardenia, peony and rose ivy. • The sweet summer fragrance of the candle makes it a perfect gift accompaniment to light when performing your skincare rituals at the end of a long, stressful day. • The summery citrus and floral notes are energising, and luxurious and leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed
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